Monday, November 23, 2009

Star Wars: The Old Repulbic: Class Disappointment

So the last two classes for TOR have been leaked and much to my dismay, they are two more force-sensitive classes. I thought for sure that having eight classes would lead to a nice variety of playability with differing roles. But instead, Bioware decides to make half the characters wield lightsabers. What about droids or other more interesting class combinations.

It seems to me that the whole Jedi Guardian, Consular, Sentinal issue could have been covered through the use of skill trees. Have one Jedi class and let the people decide how to specialize it, much like WoW's paladin, not add 25% more force users. And really, how are they going to differentiate the story all that much between the classes. I was hoping to level 8 characters through the story line because I am always a fan of Bioware story, but will it be worth playing 2 separate Jedi/Sith classes.

Since they can't go through and change the classes, I hope the writing team put in some extra time to differentiate the stories.

Found on Darth Hater via BioBreak.

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