Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dragon Age Frustration

Spoilers Ahead!

Hit the first part of the game that really frustrated me. In the courtyard of Redcliff Castle, you have to take on 5 zombie, 4 skeleton archers, and one elite. Twelve tries later, I ended up dropping down to easy to get through, I will probably stick to easy because I am always in it for the story than the combat.

But back to the fight, none of the strategies I tried worked as the elite resisted all my crowd control moves. I ganged up on him - dead. Put Shale on him with rest of team killing others - dead. Put Shale and warrior on him with Morrigan and Leliana fighting zombies - dead. Ignored him - dead. Tried running through the door - can't do in combat - dead. Nothing worked, the difficulty is a little too out of this world for my liking.

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