Sunday, November 8, 2009

Dragon Age: A New Beginning

I know that I said I wouldn't start up a new quite yet, but with few a spare hour I imported my mage character, Isabella and got her through her origin. I will be going a lot slower this time around, trying to find and do all of the side quests. First playthroughs for always about seeing the end. Once I know that, I can get wrapped up in the story more later.


The mage origin is a distant second to that of the human noble in my mind. I don't know what it is in particular, but it is more obvious that you have no role in what is going to happen. I was forced to take a stance on Jowan, even though I didn't care about either of them and could have just as easily ignored them. So being the good little mage I am, I told Irving about their plan and he told me to go along with and mercilessly slaughter a bunch of sentinels. I never got as attached to the setting, even though I love the idea of the tower.

The awesome powers of the mage will have to pull me through for now. I just feel so much more powerful than my warrior character I just beat the game with. I will primarily go primal spells with some creation thrown in so I don't have to take Wynne with me at all times and instead have a rogue.

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