Saturday, November 7, 2009

Dragon Age: Help on Redcliffe

Since a lot of the google traffic for this blog has been from my post on the frustrations of fighting the Revenant in the courtyard of Redcliffe Castle, I figured I would compile some hints that I have for this fight. Note, as I mentioned in the blog article, I ended dropping it down to easy after 12 attempts, so most of these are determined from similar fights since then.

1) Get Wynne from the Tower of the Magi - Having a healer with lyrium potions allows you to live so much longer. Set up a tactic for healing allies and using lyrium potions when mana supplies get low. You will run through these potions like mad, but survivability will be way up.

2) Stay ranged - As the codex entry says, revenants can hit people standing all around them. So try to only keep your ranged party members on them until all the others are dead. Using Morrigan's sleep ability on the melee zombies will help, while using your own melee to take out the archers.

3) Potions, Potions, Potions - should be self-explanatory but have as many as possible. Get someone with high herbalism skill and buy em whenever you see them at a merchant. Some fights will see you going through 30 plus.

UPDATE - In regards to the google searches bringing people to this article I figured I would address some of their questions some future people can possibly get some answers.

Circle of Magi - To get the circle of the magi's help, go to the Lake Calenhad docks and travel to the tower. Complete the quest there dealing with the abominations if you haven't done so already. Then talk to the First Enchanter to get his help with Connor.

Night Raid - Make sure to get fuel from the store, recruit the dwarf, and restore the blacksmith. Other than that, hold back your fighter in the first portion of the fight, make the enemy run through the flames. Second part is all about killing efficiently. I can't give too much help as it depends on your group. Kill quickly and move on.

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