Friday, August 28, 2009

WoW: Viewing the Old Content One Last Time

With the upcoming Cataclysm changing the old world completely, I have had the urge to go back and level some new alts on both the Horde and Alliance side. This way I can see the content one last time when it is old and then level a goblin and worgen to see how it changed.

For the horde side, my favorite race has always been the Tauren. So I ended creating a shaman because it is a class that I've never played before. He will end up being an elemental shaman but for the moment his lack of mana is really killing the enjoyment of playing him. Downtime between fights is currently insane. Hopefully once I finish my current quest to get a fire totem things will improve, but it may be a struggle leveling him up for now. After two nights questing, he has reached the barrens and is level 13.

On the Alliance side of things, I ended up making a gnomish mage. The mage is a class I've dabbled with before, but never really played it past level 20 or so. I've got him up to level six and out of the newbie zone so far. It has been far easier to play than the shaman to this point, with no mana problems and the ability to kill most creatures before they even reach me.

The Death Knight is sitting at 74 and benched currently while leveling alts.

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