Friday, August 21, 2009

Champions Online

Cryptic dropping the NDA for the game did it for me, I'm not going to end up playing it. Didn't even have the urge to download the nearly 1 gig patch for the open beta after reading numerous negative and meh reviews. I was hoping it would be good, but I know I won't play a CoH2.

In City of Heroes, I spent more time creating characters than I actually spent playing the game. I would spend over an hour making one and then get into the boring gameplay and head straight back to the character creation. Never got past the 14-day free trial for the game.

So hopefully Aion has an open beta that I can get into, but if not I'll be sticking with playing WoW on and off and waiting for the single player games to come out this fall/winter. Speaking of WoW, I hit 73 on my Death Knight Wednesday night through questing in Dragonblight. Won't be playing for the next few days as I'm heading back to college today.

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