Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sith Warrior

Via Gamespot, Bioware unveiled the fourth of eight classes in their upcoming MMO, the Sith Warrior. Whether this will be the only force using class for the Sith or if there will be a more force power focused one remains to be seen. My first thought based on their description was that there would be another one but I certainly hope not. My votes for the two remaining classes for that faction are a droid based one, and a pet-class (the most interesting suggestion I've seen is a slaver).

Even though I've sworn off playing a Jedi/Sith as my main class, their description was good enough to make me consider it as a first alternate.

EL: Well, I might have to disappoint you here, but the way the Sith Warrior leads is by physically hurling himself ahead of his group and into the fray, not by sprinkling around touchy-feely buffs for his buddies. That's just not his style. Although, if his refrains from Force choking his groupmates, does that count as a buff?

EL: This was the first character we built, and in many ways, he is still our yardstick for all the other classes. I would not say playing this character is good clean fun because neither "good" nor "clean" is an appropriate term, but he delivers a visceral and satisfying experience. To quote a line from another venerable story: If you think that what's best in life is to crush your enemies and see them driven before you, you should definitely consider playing a Sith Warrior.
They certainly know how to sell their classes.

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