Sunday, August 30, 2009

What I'm Playing

Blood Bowl - Currently only playing a game or so a night but am still enjoying it. I have an orc team that I am taking through the single player campaign. It has been a while since they last lost a game though a Skaven team (always my bane) nearly ended that streak in the last game. Luckily killing their gutter runner and running the ball in on turn 15 saved me a draw.

World of Warcraft - My gnome mage is up to 10, shaman is still at 14, and the death knight is 74. Haven't played too much of late.

Diablo 2- Started up another playthrough with a friend. Currently going as a dual-axe wielding barbarian. Finished the first act and ran the sewers at the start of the second.

Warcraft 3 - Having played the first two, but never the third, I finally borrowed the disc and am working through a campaign. Currently on the 3rd or 4th mission with the humans.

That is pretty much where I'm at at the moment. Nothing holding my attention for too long and a wide variety of games on the hard drive. My guess is it's the anticipation of the upcoming fall release season. Sure many games have been pushed back already, but it is still looking solid.

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