Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What I'm Playing: Team Fortress 2

The WAR update for the game that came out a couple weeks ago effectively killed my playtime down to only five hours in the last two weeks. Before that, it had enjoyed a long stretch of 10-20 hours a week, only being broken up by Dragon Age.

There are two main issues that I had with the update. The first is the classes. I absolutely loathe the playstyles of both demomen and soldiers, my two least played classes. Spamming projectiles on the cart and around corners doesn't take much in the way of skill. So of course, the new update makes everyone choose the classes to play with, leaving teams of sometimes 10 soldiers and demomen combined. I know this will balance out again, as I have already seen it steadily waning, but until it gets back to the old breakdowns, I end up frustrated more often than not.

The second issue is in regards to achievements. I like achievements that you get by going on a lucky streak or just doing what you are supposed to a bunch of times. I absolutely loathe achievements that make me change my playstyle, like taunt kills and taunting after kills. Let me just focus on killing and be pleasantly surprised as a window occassionally pops up saying "Achievement Unlocked: Yada Yada." It wouldn't be so annoying if the easiest way to get the new weapons was through the milestones. You can get to the first milestone pretty quickly, but end up having to change playstyles to get to the last one.

TF2 will continue to be on the backburner for at least a little while longer.

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