Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Look Ahead

I figured I would take a break from talking about what I've been playing to look ahead to what this year may bring.

My Targets

Mass Effect 2 - Probably won't be getting this right on release as I want to get another playthrough of the original in first, but as a huge Bioware fan, this is a must buy. Still a little iffy about having to reload weapons, but that looks to be minor hiccup in a good revamp of combat. The Must Play RPG of the year.

Alpha Protocol - I am worried about this game. I haven't heard much about it lately though it looks to have an interesting premise. Hopefully the delay means the game will get thoroughly polished, a concern with Obsidian games. I will definitely wait to pick this up so if it gets horrible reviews I won't have wasted money.

Diablo 3 - Yeah, not this year but a major target for the future. Almost makes me want to play the second one again, except for actually having to play for the umpteenth time.

Starcraft 2 - I don't buy RTS games for the story, only the multiplayer, so I hope I don't end up being forced to buy the other two games for more units and the like. Heck, the only campaign I've played through in an RTS is Company of Heroes, and I've played a lot of RTS games.

Supreme Commander 2 - Total Annhilation and Supreme Commander have been my absolute favorite RTS games of all time. Strategies are perfectly balanced and the game is complex enough that it takes awhile to learn and master the game. I am giddy with excitement.


Star Trek Online - I am interested to see how big of a flop this will be. Cryptic is proving itself to be a very poor MMO designer and recent comments and news are pointing to another Champions Online launch. I think their only concern is getting the game out and receiving the money rather than providing a quality experience for the customer.

Star Wars: The Old Republic - A pipe dream for 2010, but this will be the next MMO that I jump headlong into. I have friends to play it with and developer that cares for it players.

WOW: Cataclysm - I really hope WoW doesn't pull me back in for another expansion pack, but if history is a guide it will happen again. My saving grace is that if it comes out in November, NANOWRIMO will prevent me from picking it up, at least for a month.

I really wish there were more MMOs to hop into, but I haven't been impressed with any of the recent offerings. Fallen Earth was interesting, but never hooked me past the trial.

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