Friday, January 22, 2010

Star Trek Online Beta Thoughts

After hearing some mediocre reviews from the beta, I decided to go and download the open beta client with a key I received from Gamerzines. It only took about 2 and a half hours to download the client and off I went.

The character creation, like all of Cryptic's games was incredibly deep. There was a dizzying array of options for creating alien species. Not being a Trekkie in the least bit, I decided to go with a custom look rather than an established species. In the end I created what looked to be a female zabrak. If only the fun that came out of the creation carried over into the actual gameplay.

I've read comparisons over this being similar to Pirates of the Burning Sea, a game I loved in beta but never caught on post-release, in relation to ship vs ground combat. I don't really think this is an apt comparison because ship combat is boring in STO in comparison. I even had a friend ask if I was moving during combat it looked so slow. Even using the boosts out of combat did little to make it more exciting. Overall, it just didn't feel as good as PotBS did. Ground combat was also boring, at least in the early stages.

The storyline was just utter rubbish and I found myself just clicking through until I saw the green text telling me what to do. A voiceover system would be a lot more engaging than what is currently being presented. There was no connection for me to even try and engage myself.

For me, a definite don't buy.

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