Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What I'm Playing

I know I haven't updated this blog in awhile, but it's part of my November goals to get it started again, along with taking part in NANOWRIMO. So I'll be keeping this blog update with my progress and also my journeys in Dragon Age.

Part of the reason for my hiatus is the reason that I haven't really been playing anything substantial the last few months. That will all change come November 3rd though.

On to what I have been playing:

1) Torchlight Demo
Not sold on it even with all the good word of mouth out in the blogosphere. Seems like going to Diablo 1 from Diablo 2, a step backwards. I miss the free roaming aspect that has been replaced with the railroad tracks approach. The story is just plain missing and loot drops way too fast.

2) NCAA Football 09
Yep, going back a year and replaying this. Not really sure why other than as a way to kill time until Dragon Age comes out.

3) Jade Empire
After reading comments that Bioware wanted to come back and visit this IP, I got the urge to play again. It is progressing quite slowly as I am just about to go to the fortress of Death's Hand. Combat really starts to drag and I'm lacking the motivation to really push myself forward.

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