Thursday, September 10, 2009

What I'm Playing

Not much really. Currently stuck in the school grind waiting for new games to come out.

World of Warcraft
I now have 4 horde characters in the level 10-16 range that I'm slowly working up. Problem is I lose interest in the game every Friday when SWTOR updates come out. Damn you Bioware!

Blood Bowl
My go-to game of late. Created a skaven team and having a blast. I've got a gutter runner who has scored 18 touchdowns through 6 games, including 6 in one. Trying to up my offense a bit more by adding 2 more gutter runners (to a total of 4), but worried about protecting the thrower while they get open. Usually takes 2 turns to score on offense and am playing some stifling defense.

Company of Heroes
Installed this recently on a whim and am working my way through the second mission (destroying the AA guns). I love this game and is one of the few campaigns in an RTS that I've actually finished. I play really tactically, for example I built two sandbag walls on either side of the road for destroying the patrol with mines a bit further down the road. This is so the first two motorcycles would go through and blow up while I ran 4 paratrooper squads to the sandbag walls to take out the half tracks.

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